Gifts In-Kind

Donations of Goods or Services

For 30 years, we have invested in our local economy by partnering with local contractors, businesses, and corporations to bring better and more affordable housing to the people of East Kentucky.

To maximize our effect on the local economy, HDA buys building materials, tools, and equipment from local businesses. In fact, on average, HDA spends $2,500 each working hour of every workday on local labor, materials, and subcontractors! Throughout our history, we’ve invested over $85 million back into the local economies of Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry counties in East Kentucky – all of which have been identified as “persistent poverty counties” by the USDA and are four of the poorest counties in the nation.

Businesses and corporations that partner with us and/or donate to us provide us with immense resources, help us greatly in providing better futures for low-income East Kentucky families in need, and work alongside us to build stronger mountain communities. In-kind gifts from our local community and beyond are very much appreciated and help us as we increase our production goals to serve as many flood survivors and low-income people as we can each year!

What Are In-Kind Gifts?

Anytime an individual, business, or corporation donates materials or services to HDA, these donations are called “gifts in-kind.” Instead of giving a financial gift, the individual, business, or corporation donates needed construction materials and/or services.

Examples of this type of gift are building materials (lumber, shingles, nails, siding, insulation, etc.), tools, appliances, equipment, vehicles, and other types of tangible property. (The donor determines the dollar value of in-kind gifts. For large gifts, such as equipment and vehicles, an appraisal prepared by an independent party is required before we can place a dollar value on the gift.)

Community partnerships are key to making our work possible. Due to our community’s disaster recovery needs, HDA has increased production, building at least 25 homes and completing at least 50 home rehabs each year (split evenly between flood survivors and non-flood surviving households)! With this high level of production required to meet the needs of our region’s people, in-kind gifts are always welcome and much needed at HDA. They are especially needed now as we work to re-house flood survivors and face the effects of inflation, supply chain issues, and steadily rising prices on residential construction materials. 

How You Can Help

Support Us By Giving

If you'd like to partner with us or support our work long-term, please get in touch with us! We have had many great relationships through the years and would love to have many more. Find out what the benefits are to those we serve and to you!

Event Sponsorships

HDA hosts annual volunteer & fundraising events for which you can purchase sponsorships. Your donation is critical to the event's success. Each sponsorship level comes with its own set of benefits. It's another way to support each other!

Donate a Vehicle

Many of our service trucks are aging and accumulate many miles beyond their lifespan. Our carpenters need new service trucks to handle rugged mountain terrain and to transport crew members, materials, and equipment to work sites.


Want to get more involved and see the work HDA does first-hand? If so, come volunteer with us and work alongside our carpenters! Group volunteering and corporate retreats are available. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator!

Want to Make an In-Kind Gift?

Every donation of goods and services – no matter how large or small – is deeply appreciated. Contact us for more information on giving in-kind gifts today!


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